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My name is Lynsey Burge and this space is available to support, educate, and encourage you and your family.

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Hello friends,

I want you to know that I am here for you. Especially as we are navigating this unpresidented time, we need to work together. I am excited to support your family and love on your kids. We can do this.

Classroom Lessons

I go into classrooms throughout the year to teach students about Bullying Prevention, keeping themselves safe, problem solving, resilience, and so much more! The curriculum that is used is research based: such as Second Step and Kelso's Choices. You might see me also post some additional assignments for students on Seesaw throughout virtual learning.

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Small Groups

Small groups are available for students to increase social skills, emotional  management and school success. Groups usually last for about 4-6 weeks and your child will get to practice a variety of skills throughout the group.Your student might also be invited to join a lunch bunch (via Zoom or in the office). 

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One on one support

Your child might need help overcoming problems that interfere with learning, as big feelings might need additional support. Depending on the needs of the child, we can find an outside counselor as well.

If you are interested in more counseling support you could be referred to our Mental Health Counselor, Hilary Grabner. Click here to learn more about our School Based Mental Health Counselors.


School Counseling Vision Statement

Sunset's Elementary School Counseling Program will support all students by providing a safe and encouraging environment. Students are empowered to be their best selves and know how loved they are by their community. They will develop social-emotional, cognitive and problem solving skills in a collaborative, kind and inclusive environment, where they will recognize their own unique strengths.

School Supply

What my role looks like...

  • Am a resource for you and your student(s), so ask away! I love connecting you to additional resources.

  • Welcome new students to Sunset by having lunch and sharing resources with you.

  • Teach class lessons on topics within the three School Counseling domains: Social/Emotional, Academic, and College/Career

  • Facilitate counseling groups and lunch bunches focusing on various topics

  • Provide short-term, solution-focused brief individual check-ins

  • Support students during crises

  • Am the building's 504 Plan Coordinator

  • Am the VOICE mentor coordinator

  • Provide support to students and families experiencing homelessness through the McKinney-Vento Act

Online Resources

Tools to optimize your kids' learning experience. Click on the images below for more information.

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Thanks for stopping by!
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